Our team has the main goal to improve the quality of life through the power of perfumes and olfactive experiences. We intend to help our clients get involved with their surrounding life through scented experiences, once it is scentifically proven that the olfact is the most expontaneous and primitive of our senses, having the power to let us fly instantaneously to different spaces and back moments. Our work is totally dedicated to the materialization of the wish of our clients into perfumes, scented products and olfactive experiences.





Vera Mata is PhD in Chemical Engineer in LSRE - FEUP, University of Porto. Her work in R&D on perfumery started in 1998, from which she created an innovative scientific methodology of fragrance prediction. From then, she was in charge of the creation, development and production of a large number of perfumes and scented products for important trademarks, in a B2B strategy.


Ernesto Martins is Economist from FEP, University of Porto, with a vast experience in finantial management and strategy.


Together with a team of the best professionals in different areas, Ownya® intends to continue its mission to create innovative perfumery Made in Portugal, to Portugal and to all the World.

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© Ownya, 2016 - All rights reserved